Shawls & Sindhi Ajraks


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Size: Approx 80-85 by 60 Inches (or more)Random Designs with Block Print Fusion.Ajrak is a tradition..

Silk Based Block Printed Ajrak Shawl SA#10-2

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Size: 7ft by 4ftMaterial: PolyesterNature: Warm..


PKR 599 Ex Tax: PKR 599

Ajrak is a traditional part of Sindhi culture. It usually measures 2.5 to three metres with special ..


PKR 599 Ex Tax: PKR 599

Size: 7ft by 4ftMaterial: PolyesterNature: Warm..


PKR 599 Ex Tax: PKR 599

Size: 7ft by 4ftMaterial: PolyesterNature: Warm..

White Pure Acrowoolen Shawl / Dastaar For Men & Women SHL-059-3

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Size: 54x85inchesColor GreenPremium Quality Acroowoolen Shawls Specially Designed for Those who love..

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Buy Handmade Sindhi Ajrak Online In Pakistan:

Sindhi Ajrak is one of the oldest and most followed cultural ancient product in Pakistan. It is block printed fabric which has relation with ancient Chinese & Aryan civilization. In ruins of Mohenjo Daru one of the oldest town of Sindh researchers found some wooden blocks of Ajrak which are now part of Sindh Museum Jamshoro. Ajrak has 7-9 Procedures of preparation and blocking. It is usually made of Pure Cotton

Sindhi Ajrak From Rich Sindhi Culture:

Sindhi Ajrak is a basic clothing essential of a Sindhi culture. It is utilized by the men as a turban and as a shawl and chaddar by the ladies.  Sindhi Ajrak is taken from antiquated civic establishments of The Indus Valley. This exist from 2500 BC to1500 BC.
It consist of  one of a it sown kind of  printing method.

Ajrak is printed from the two sides and the printing of Ajrak is known as two side printing. This printing is finished by individuals with hand with help of engraved wooden pieces. These Blocks are printed over and again to make a pattern. Ruler and compass are also utilized by Ajrak creator to influence a decent and impeccable to pattern. Block making is a family tradition coming down from generation to generation

The significant procedure of making Sindhi Ajrak is called Teli Ajrak and different process are Sabuni Ajrak, Do Rangi Ajrak and Kori Ajrak.

Benefits Of Wearing Sindhi Ajrak:

Ajraks are usually 70 by 95 Inches Chadder (Little Bigger then Single Bed Bedsheets). This is used as shawl as well as razai (Summer Spread) by people of Sindh. It is Symbol of Brotherhood, love and peace among Sindhi People. Incase you have a Sindhi Friend and you want to gift him some thing which will make her / him proud. Send an Ajrak.

Ajrak has many benifits as it becomes warm in Winters and Cold in summers. So Next time when you see a Sufi or Sindhi Guy wearing an Ajrak, He is getting some coldness out of hot and humid weather.

Famous Block Designs of Sindhi Ajrak:

Designs of Sindhi Ajraks are classified with their dyes and stamps, Some of the Famous Designs of Sindhi Ajraks are:
Chakki Sindhi Ajrak:

Badami Sindhi Ajrak

Hasha Sindhi Ajrak

Gulab Patti Sindhi Ajrak

Bunki Dana Sindhi Ajrak

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