Poly Silk Sindhi Ajrak - Black SA-04-2

Poly Silk Sindhi Ajrak - Black SA-04-2

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Ajrak is a traditional part of Sindhi culture. It usually measures 2.5 to three metres with special block printed designs and patterns in intense colours, mostly rich crimson and deep indigo with some white and black used to define the geometric symmetry in design. In Sindh, it is given as a token of respect to guests; men use it as a turban or wind it around their shoulders, while women use it as a dupatta or drape it as a shawl in winter. It is also placed on a coffin as a mark of respect.Innovative people have used it in different ways and now kurtis and bed linen are being marketed internationally using the traditional Ajrak pattern. Its use can be traced to the ancient Indus Valley civi...

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