Kamaal Khan Ajrak WaistCoat For Men - KK-36-3

Kamaal Khan Ajrak WaistCoat For Men - KK-36-3

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Kamaal Khan Ajrak Waist Coat is made of Purely hand dyed Ajraks from interior Sindh, These waistcoats are made of random Sindhi Ajrak Chadders which give it similar and differentiated look at same time.Ajrak waistcoat are now a popular part of pre-wedding functions attire since last few years and people across Pakistan desires to have these waistcoats while celebrating events of Mehendi, Mayon, Ubton etc.Kamaal Khan Ajrak  WaistCoat For Men - KK-36-3- Branded Professional Stich-  Overlock - Double Stich All over - High Quality Fabric- Cotton Fabric- Best for Fit- Traditional Wear Note: Ajrak Waist coat design, color and contrast will remain same however as Ajraks are handmade,...

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