Kamaal Khan Ajrak  WaistCoat For Men - KK-36

Kamaal Khan Ajrak WaistCoat For Men - KK-36

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Kamal Khan Ajrak Waistcoat is enormous fusion of modern fashion along with traditional block printing of Indus valley. Majorly people of Pakistan Celebrate their events of Mehendi, Mayon, Ubton with this attire. Blood Red base color with white, Black block printing gives this waistcoat fashionable look. Ajrak Waist Coat is made of block printed fabric which has connection with ancient Chinese & Aryan people living across river indus. while digging the town of Mohenjo Daru one of the oldest town of Sindh researchers found some wooden blocks of Ajrak which are now part of Sindh Museum Jamshoro. We have also done a little tour of Sindh Museum with our team details of which will be added ...

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