Black Bugti Cap / Topi (Hand Made) MK-164

Black Bugti Cap / Topi (Hand Made) MK-164

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The Sindhi cap or Sindhi topi (Sindhi: سنڌي ٽوپي ‎, Urdu: سندھی ٹوپی‎) is a hat worn predominantly by Sindhi people of Sindh province - however, it has been also adopted by the Baloch people and Saraiki people including Pashtuns. Together with ajrak, Sindhi Topi is regarded as an essential part of Sindhi culture and a symbol of Sindhi nationalism for hundreds of years. The hat is circular/cylindrical except for a portion cut out in the front to expose the forehead. Intricate geometrical designs are embroidered on the hat, and very often small pieces of mirror are sewed int...

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