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Rs. 399 Ex Tax: Rs. 399

Size: 10 FeetColor WhiteShemagh: Arab style scarf to wraps around face and neck and covers head, Nec..


Rs. 749 Ex Tax: Rs. 749

Size: 54x54 inchesColor: WhiteShemagh: Arab style scarf to wraps around face and neck and covers hea..

White Pure Acrowoolen Shawl / Dastaar For Men & Women SHL-059-3

Rs. 999 Ex Tax: Rs. 999

Size: 54x85inchesColor GreenPremium Quality Acroowoolen Shawls Specially Designed for Those who love..

White Soft Maliki Kufi

Rs. 449 Ex Tax: Rs. 449

Buy: White Soft Maliki Kufi Best Quality Cap Available in Multiple Sizes Including: Small: 21-21.5 ..


Rs. 399 Ex Tax: Rs. 399

Size: 10 FeetColor WhiteShemagh: Arab style scarf to wraps around face and neck and covers head, Nec..

White Woolen AKA Pattu Fabric Tablighi Cap [Cloth Contrasting] Prayer Cap / Kufi CHM-73

Rs. 550 Rs. 1,000 Ex Tax: Rs. 550 -45%

Large: 23-23.5 Inches; Medium: 22.5 Inches; Small: 21.5 Inches..

White Yameni Handmade Rumal / Dastaar / Shemagh Embroidered 54 Inches

Rs. 1,250 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,250

Size: 54x54inchesColor GreenShemagh: Arab style scarf to wraps around face and neck and covers head,..

White Yemeni Handmade Rumal / Ghutra / Shemagh Embroidered 54 Inches

Rs. 1,250 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,250

Size: 54x54inchesKhaki BrownMaterial: Pure woolShemagh: Arab style scarf to wraps around face and ne..

Wooden Handcrafted 100 Beads Tasbih / Zikr Tasbih TS-11

Rs. 149 Ex Tax: Rs. 149

Wooden Handcrafted 100 Beads Tasbih / Zikr Tasbih TS-11Beads:100..

ZIKRA 17ML KHadlaj Perfumes

Rs. 1,550 Rs. 1,700 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,550 -9%

ZIKRA 17ML KHadlaj Perfumes, Zikra is classified as refreshing as well as subtle oriental ..

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Islam is majorly followed religion in Pakistan and 2nd Largest Population of the whole follows Islamic as their way of life to be follow at each and every step their life. Most of the practicing Muslims prays Five times a day along with fastind & Umrah during Ramadan, Pilgrimage (Hajj) during Month of Dhil Hijjah. There are many Islamic Products which helps them in following their religion with the help of technology and innovation.

Largest Collection of Digital Islamic Products:

Lots of Gadgets and Digital Islamic Products have been introduced during last few years Including

  • Islamic Mobile Phones: These phones have large collection Tilawat of Quran Majeed alongwith function of Namaz timings and alarms, It consist of geo-campas which helps in Indentifying Qiblah during travel.
  • Pen Quran Readers: Quran pen reader of Darussalam, Dar ul Qalam Malysia, Al Qalam ul Qari, Alhsan Ul Quran are providing wide range of books along with Quran Ul Kareem in single reader pen from which you can learn Quran and Tafseer with ease. It provides proper pronounciation of difficult Arabic Words along with their meanings in your language.
  • Digital Tasbih / Dhikr Counters: Digital Counters with help of multiple function low weight and cost with large digits capacity helps users of Islamic Digital Products to have more ease and convenience during dhikr.
  • Digital Hadith Books: Digital Hadith Books provide range of Scholarly opinions on Islamic books in audio and video gadgets along with translation in multiple languages.
  • Digital Kids Islamic Card Boards: Kids card boards of Quranic words, alphabets, Tajweed & Tarteel and help kids and learning Quran and Hadith fast.
  • Digital Islamic Watches: Digital Islamic Watches of Al-Fajr, Al-Haramain helps users in punctuality for their prayers with complete daily Salah timings and alarms These watches also provide compass for Qibal during your journey.

Online Shopping Of Islamic Accessories in Pakistan

Islamic Prayer Caps:

Prayer Caps or Namaz Topi are essential part of Muslim Culture over here in Pakistan. People use to wear Islamic Prayer Caps during Salaah and as their daily wear to cover their heads. These caps includes Qaraquli Caps, Kufi Caps, Baeyineh Caps, Turban Caps, Crochet Caps, Songkook & much more. On every special occasion or celebration Muslims wear different type of Islamic Caps with relation to it.

Tasbih & Counters:

Tasbih is one of the essential Islamic Product of  life. Muslim use to count Dhikr with beads and digital counters. Prayer beads r are often made of Plastic Crystals, Marble Stones, Dates Seeds, Camel Bones, Pure Pearls & Wood. Very precious woods are used in prayer beads Including Sheham, Diyaar, Olive, Kundi & Many other types.

Non Alcoholic Attar, Scents & Bukhoor:

Alcohol is prohibited for Muslims in Interpretation of many scholars therefore practicing Muslims usually use Attars and Oil Scents as source of fragrance. Attar's use to very hard and pure fragrance with larger span of life. Famous Attar scents are Mushk, Oudh, Khas etc. Bukhoor is Arabic home fragrance prepared by burning wood pieces and pastes.

Amamah & Shemagh / Yeshmagh:

Amamah is Turban Cloth used by Muslim Scholars to cover the heads. Turbans are also a part of Arab and Indopak Culture. Muslim use this Islamic product as part of their lifestyle as it was used by Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Leather Socks / Khuffain:

Khuffain (Leather Socks) are one of the Islamic product. It is made of Pure Leather and It helps in winters as it is permitted to do Masah of these socks.

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